Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review- Is It Scam or Legit? [August 2022]

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Overview

Product NameFreedom Breakthrough 2.0
Type/ NicheAffiliate marketing course 
VendorJonathan Montoya
Refund Policy14 days money back guarantee (action based)

Inshort: Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is a video course created by Jonathan Montoya for help to beginners, to build affiliate marketing business in the right way from scratch.

What is a 3 Day Freedom Breakthrough Challenge?

The course created by Jonathan Montoya; the 3 days freedom breakthrough challenge is also known as the 3 day business breakthrough challenge. It is the three days training by Jonathan Montoya where you will learn how to build affiliate marketing business from scratch.

In the 3 day freedom breakthrough challenge you will get to learn the exact formula that Jonathan has implemented in his own affiliate marketing business. And by implementing this formula he was able to quit his 9 to 5 job worth $80000 per annum in just 9 months.

The 3 Days Freedom Breakthrough course is just like a crash course. The information in this course can be considered as brief of the main full course that is Freedom Breakthrough 2.0.

The Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is full detailed course compared to the 3 Day Challenge. that’s why, it demands more time and money but the three days freedom breakthrough challenge is best for beginners and you can get access to this course for just $7. 

What includes in the 3 Days Freedom Breakthrough Challenge?

Day 1:  Basic and advanced information about affiliate marketing business model.

On the very first day of training Jonathan will tell you first his own journey. How he started in the affiliate marketing business and made it profitable, how he built a million dollar business in less than a year and quit his 9-5  job.

He also tells you the basics of affiliate marketing. how it works, how to choose the right products to promote, how to choose a niche, how to drive massive traffic, free traffic v/s paid traffic and many more. 

At the end of Day 1 you will get to see the success stories and testimonials from his students.

Day 2: Setting up your Affiliate Marketing Business.

On the 2nd day of training you will get to learn:

How to find the perfect product to promote? Here, Jonathan will guide you to choose the right product for your audience. After that he will show you how to set up your affiliate marketing funnel from scratch and he will also provide you templates for funnel. So you don’t need to design it.

At the end of 2nd Day Training  Jonathan also shows you how to set up email marketing automations and all information about that. 

Day 3: How to drive Massive Traffic to your funnel?

This is the last day of a 3 days challenge and it’s very important where you will learn how to get massive traffic to your funnel. So that you are able to sell products and start making money from it.

You will also get to learn how to use tik tok, YouTube and Facebook groups to get traffic and sales.

So overall, this 3 days challenge is absolutely worth your time and money. In 3 days training you will get to learn various tactics and strategies to get started your own affiliate marketing business. You can start making money from it at the investment of just $7 and along with that you will also  get a couple of free bonuses. So here are the bonuses you will get for free.

  • Six figure Affiliate funnel templates
  • eBook for lead magnet
  • Access to viral video script 

So what are you still waiting for?

Get Access to your Bonuses Now

Who is Jonathan Montoya?

Jonathan Montoya is a digital entrepreneur. He started his affiliate marketing business 3 years ago(as of  now I was writing this freedom breakthrough review). And within the one year he got massive success with his affiliate marketing business and he was able to quit his 9 to 5 job within just 9 months.

After that people started asking him to teach them this business model and after some time he decided to share all his strategies and techniques with people to help them. So he designed a complete training course so that anyone can get this and achieve their financial goals with the help of affiliate Marketing by following the exact path told by Jonathan Montoya.

Before Jonathan came into the world of affiliate marketing he was an electrical engineer. He was working in a 9 to 5 job which was paying him $80000/month. In spite of that, he hated his job and finally started his own affiliate marketing business and left his job in just 9 months.

Jonathan is also a youtuber and founder of passive income lifestyle. His YouTube channel had 45k subscribers by the time I was writing freedom breakthrough 2.0 review.

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Pros:

  • Freedom Breakthrough course includes 12 modules.
  • Jonathan explains all essential steps and information about affiliate marketing like website building, sales funnels etc.
  • He spends lot of time on explaining how to get massive traffic for your business because ultimately traffic matters.
  • Jonathan Montoya is a legitimate affiliate marketer.
  • It includes both free and paid traffic sources.
  • You will get free bonuses worth $11067 with his training for free.
  • 14 days refund policy.
  • You will get 75% commission on all Jonathan’s products.
  • Access to private Facebook group where you will get free training from super affiliates.
  • Also you get access to his 6 figure Affiliate funnel templates, ebooks and videos scripts for free.
  • You will also get updates on new material lifetime for free of cost.
  • You will also get white label rights to 3 days challenge training.

Freedom breakthrough 2.0 Cons:

  • The bad news about the Freedom Breakthrough course is that it’s quite expensive for beginners.
  • Another thing that I don’t like about freedom breakthrough is that there refund policy is not transparent.

What is Freedom Breakthrough 2.0?

Freedom breakthrough 2.0 is an affiliate marketing course designed by Jonathan Montoya. 

This course is complete and detailed from the previous 3 Days Challenge training. It is based on the exact strategy and the technique that Jonathan use to earn 6 figure income from online business. by using these technique he was able to quit his 9 to 5 engineering job in just 9 months.

In this course Jonathan will teach you how to do affiliate Marketing in a right way. that means promoting other peoples products and services in a way that solves peoples problem and you will get reward for that.

In this course you will also get to learn how to choose niche, how to build affiliate website and funnels. Jonathan will also teach you how to get free and paid traffic for your business to promote affiliate products.

What exactly included in the Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 course curriculum of Jonathan Montoya?

Hey, after you join the freedom breakthrough course you will get instant access to the 12 different modules. Each module in this training is very important and it helps you to build highly scalable business.

Excited to know what include in this course? let’s check out.

Module 1: Intro Module

This is the very first module of this course and it is just an introduction module. In this module Jonathan will give you his introduction and you will get to know what you can exactly expect to learn from this course.

Module 2:  The Perfect Affiliate Marketing Funnels

In this module you will learn about the importance of funnels in the affiliate marketing and how to create perfect funnels for your business. your website is one of the most valuable asset in your business so, in this module Jonathan will show you how to build website from scratch and it includes:

  • Choosing best hosting and domain for your business after that setting up hosting and domain.
  • Installing wordpress and useful plugins.
  • He show you some SEO related important settings.

In these module you will also get to learn the essentials of setting up an affiliate funnel. He tells you why we need a lead magnet and how to create and integrate it.

Basically, in this module Jonathan will show you how to utilize clickfunnels to set up your own funnels to connect them with your own affiliate website.

Module 3: The Online ATM Machine (Emails)

In this module Jonathan will talk about the second most important asset of affiliate marketing and that is your email list. 

Basically we’ll build funnels for 2 purposes, one is to collect emails from visitors and second is to pitch your affiliate offers to your email list members. 

Many times people will not take action when you pitch your offer to them for the very first time so it’s critical to collect emails from interested people. So that you can contact them again and provide them great information with value to help them to make purchasing decisions.

In this module Jonathan will show you how to follow up with customers using emails and also give you access to the 6 figure month done email marketing templates that he uses.

At the end of this module Jonathan also shows you his secret tool that he never mentions, that tool writes high converting email for him.

Module 4: The King of Free Traffic YouTube

In this module you will get to learn about the most popular and the biggest video platform on the planet and that is YouTube.

Jonathan will tell you how he gets unlimited and targeted traffic to the affiliate stacking ecosystem using YouTube. He also shows you how to leverage it without showing your face in front of the camera.

Keep in mind that YouTube is not like that, you make some piece of content and then you can start expecting sales from the next day. It’s not a quick get rich scheme. It takes time and effort and most important is consistency.

The purpose of this module is to show you how to find keywords and create best content around those keywords. So that your videos start appearing in the search results.

Module 5: Get Free Traffic with tik tok

In this free tik tok traffic module, Jonathan will teach you how to leverage 8 to 15 seconds videos to grow your business quickly. because he is an expert in tik tok to get free traffic. so he will teach you in a much better way. 

tik tok is the easiest solution to grow your business because nowadays it’s very easy to create 15 seconds videos and get thousands of leads.

Module 6: Best Traffic Source Facebook Groups

Basically in this module of freedom breakthrough course, Jonathan will teach you how to use Facebook groups to drive traffic to your website or funnel. 

Jonathan shows you how to start a Facebook group in your niche from scratch. He also tells you what type of content you should share in the group to build trust and to get more people to join your group. Lastly, to get the results you have to be consistent and need consistent efforts.

Module 7: Training by Daniel Chou’s on How to Close High Ticket Sales

In this module you will be going to interact with an affiliate marketing expert Daniel Chou who is famous for making high ticket sales.

In this module of freedom breakthrough you will get a chance to learn from a super affiliate Daniel. How to get high ticket sales lightning fast. He also shows you how he closes high ticket sales by using his secret formula BAIT AND SWITCH METHOD to steal traffic by simply using 6 killer questions to close the sales.

Module 8: Joshua Ong’s Facebook Profile Funnels Strategy

In this module you will get a chance to learn from another super affiliate marketer Joshua. He is an expert in Facebook traffic method.

This module is perfect for those who don’t want to spend money on tools and softwares and just want to earn money from a 100% free method.

In this model Joshua will teach you how he consistently receives 6 figure affiliate income from Facebook profiles and groups.

Module 9: Creating a Affiliate Website

This module is for those who are not comfortable with creating video content and love to build a blog.

A Website is the most important asset in your affiliate marketing business. With the help of a website you can write articles, reviews which are helpful to people to solve their problems. It not only helps you to get sales but also helps you to build the authority of your blog.

This module covers all the things in very detail that you need to build a website from scratch. From selecting the right hosting and domain name to installing wordpress and important plugins.

Module 10: Google SEO Mastery by Nathan Lucus

Starting a blog is not a big deal but writing good articles and ranking those articles on the first page of Google search engine is quite challenging.

To rank your article on Google first page you need to optimize your content by doing some on page SEO and off page SEO.

In this module Nathan teaches you each and everything related to SEO. This module is perfect for those who don’t want to create videos or message anyone. This is best for someone who just wants to make money without showing their face.

Module 11: Google Ads Mastery

In the previous 10 modules you learn how to get sales from free traffic. Now in this module you will learn about the paid traffic, from Google ads and YouTube ads to grow your business to the next level.

In this model Jonathan will show you how to create your first paid traffic champion with Google ads and YouTube ads. He also teaches you advanced things like how to target the audience and customize it. So you get better results with the campaign. 

This module will help you grow your affiliate marketing business to the next level by using paid traffic.

Module 12; Launch Jacking

This is the last model of the freedom breakthrough 2.0 course  by Jonathan Montoya. In this module you will learn about a new tactic called ‘launch jacking’ strategy. it allows you to promote products before they get launched.

Basically, in this method you promote products that are not launched yet. You write reviews about the product. The main goal of these methods is to create hype about the product so that once it gets launched, you get sales automatically.

This method is not the most ethical but it’s legit. So, in this module Jonathan will show you how to find products for launch jacking and how to apply for affiliate links. Also in this module Jonathan will show you how to leverage your email list to promote these affiliate products.

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Bonuses

If you decide to purchase freedom breakthrough course now, then along with this course you will get access to the huge bonuses from Jonathan and those these bonuses are :

1)White Label Rights to 3 Days Challenge (value $2997)

Freedom breakthrough course Jonathan Montoya

It will give you white label access to a 3 day freedom breakthrough course. That means you can create the same course as Jonathan Montoya’s 3 day challenge or you can sell this course as your own and keep 100% profit.

2) YouTube ads breakthrough (value $2997)

Freedom breakthrough 2.0 review 2022

If you purchase freedom breakthrough 2.0 course then you will get access to the YouTube ads course by Jonathan Montoya for free of cost. In this course there will be 8 modules which help you to grow and scale from 5 to 6 figure income.

But wait, here is the important point that these bonuses will be available for only a limited time period. So make sure that you will benefit from it.

3) Gate 75% Commission for Life on all Jonathan’s products (invaluable)

Freedom breakthrough course bonuses

Once you became a member of freedom breakthrough 2.0 course then you will get an unbelievable 75% commission on all Johnson’s products to promote it. but if you are not a member of this course then you will get only 50% commission on all products.

4) Access to Private Facebook Community (value $297)

Freedom breakthrough 2.0 review

You will also get access to Jonathan’s private Facebook community where you can get in touch with him and many other like minded people. you can ask your questions in the community and connect with other entrepreneurs.

Is Freedom Breakthrough is a scam?

No absolutely not, freedom breakthrough 2.0 is not a scam. I reviewed the freedom breakthrough course under a microscope and tried to find anything that is not legit about the course but nothing I got. It’s a legitimate affiliate marketing training course by a real affiliate marketer who has 3 years of experience in this field.

As I said Jonathan Montoya is a legitimate affiliate marketer. so he does not use overhyped or misleading claims to sell his products and it’s a positive sign. The claims he makes to people are those based on his own experience.

Jonathan Montoya also offers a free webinar, so that you can learn more about the freedom breakthrough course before signing up. It’s another plus point about the course.

So, all these shows that there are not usually signs of scams such as fake testimonials.

So, keeping all points in mind, in my review of freedom breakthrough 2.0, I found it’s a completely safe and legitimate course created by Jonathan Montoya. again it’s not a scam it’s legit course.

Who is the Freedom Breakthrough for?

Freedom Breakthrough is for people interested in earning money online and affiliate marketing business.

Jonathan says that this course is for those who understand that affiliate marketing is not a quick gate reach scheme. It takes time and a lot of work but definitely it’s a best business opportunity for those who are willing to do that.

In my opinion, freedom breakthrough is for both beginners and advanced affiliate marketers. because it covers basic things like choosing a niche, domain name, building website and funnels etc. and on the other hand it covers advanced things like, tik tok marketing strategy that is used by very few people. so it helps you to expand your business and more importantly knowledge and skill set.

So, all in all it’s a legitimate course and one of the best current affiliate marketing course in the market.

How much does the Freedom Breakthrough Course cost

You get access to the Freedom Breakthrough  2.0 course for $1497.  If you pay in one time, which is in my opinion high price. It can be too expensive for the beginners to afford it.

But, here is the good news for you : you can split this amount into 3 monthly installments and you can pay $597 as a joining fee and then after 30 days pay $597 and again $597 after 60 days.

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