Honest Review of The Plan Dan Hollings: Is It too Good to be True? – October 2022

Hey everyone,

Today I want to share with you my experience with The Plan Dan Hollings. If you’re not aware, ‘The Plan’ is an online course that teaches you how to make money with crypto bots. So in this review of ‘The Plan’ of Dan Hollings, I’m going to share with you my experience with the plan.

I want to share with you the Good and the Bad about the plan or at least my perception of the good and the bad. I want to help you determine whether or not this is a good fit for you or not. because you’re probably here, right now reading this review of Dan’s Training because you read about it or watch videos about the plan. maybe you watch the webinar by Dan Hollings. 

The Plan By Dan Hollings review

The common questions that I and many other people had when they were first presented with the plan, are discussed in much detail in this review of ‘The Plan’ by Dan Hollings. I want to be as honest and transparent as possible about the plan.

Here is the full disclosure that I am an affiliate for The Plan. Which means that if you decide to join the plan through my link  I could earn an affiliate commission. You don’t have to use my link no worry. You know 99% of the people who are making these kinds of posts , reviews on their blog, are affiliates. they’re just not disclosing that to you upfront or if they do they’ll hide it in the footer of the site. I want to be honest about that and I also want to be as objective and unbiased as I can. 

I’ve been sharing ‘The Plan’ now for a few months with my friends, my family, and some of my followers as well. 

The purpose of this review of ‘The Plan’ by Dan Hollings is just to bring more information to you, so that you can make an educated and informed decision.

Whether or not you decide to do the plan or not, I don’t care. Whether you decide to do it through me or anything like that. you know this is your life; your decision, you got what’s best for you. 

I want to let you know that I’m sharing this honest review of ‘The Plan’ of Dan Hollings with you to help you to make a decision based on your best interest, not my best interest. So, I’ll first kick it off by sharing with you guys the story about how I discovered ‘The Plan’ of Dan Hollings and my experience through it. I’ll also go through some of the positives and negatives of ‘The Plan’.

How Did I Discover ‘The Plan’ by Dan Hollings?

So first, I discovered the plan about seven months ago. Actually, more than seven months ago from two acquaintances that were friends of Dan Hollings. We’re doing the plan back then and the plan wasn’t publicly launched yet. 

Who is Dan Hollings?

Dan Hollings

Dan Hollings was just basically a former internet marketer guy. Who’s kind of retired and was you know dabbling with crypto bots really got into it. He got some amazing results with it. You know he shares his story on the webinar he lost his money around $1M in 3 years. You know he had to go through this tough journey to figure things out and then after 3 years of hard work he found a perfect formula and then he wanted to share this with people and that is The Plan.

He decided to kind of put it out there on his email list and offer $10k to whoever wants to learn this from Dan. He was amazed by the demand in the response from it. So ‘The Plan’ originated from Dan having his own experience, discovering his own method, feeling compelled to want to share it to help other people. The people that did decide to do it and pay ten thousand dollars for it, everybody made money with it, they got great results and they were happy and satisfied. 

They still get great results from The Plan, that’s why there is so much demand for ‘The Plan’ crypto training. They decided to create a program and put it together and launch it to the world. So right now, they’ve launched ‘The Plan’. 

For the first time, it was in beta launches and then they officially launched it a few months ago. So I discovered ‘The Plan’ back around the time when the first beta of the plan was being launched. 

My Reaction on The Plan Crypto Training- When My Friends First Time Pitch Me About The Plan- Dan Hollings.

When I get on a zoom session with my friends at different times and they show me their screen of their bots and their bits gap accounts and try to explain it to me and I just didn’t get it. For me when I look at charts and numbers, it wasn’t really explained in a way that I really understood it. 

So at first, I was resistant to it. I was like I’m good right now. I don’t want to get into something new, I’m set with my investing strategy, I was already buying and holding some crypto. So I just kind of felt good and content with where I was at and didn’t really want to learn anything new and do a new method or anything like that.

But they kept persisting and shared with me every few months about the plan and this method and how I got it. Take a look at it and so I said yes and eventually decided okay I’m ready to let me learn what the plan is. So when I first heard about The Plan and was learning about it. It did sound too good to be true to the idea that you have bots that are set up, that can only make money. they only trade profitably and anytime you hear anything like that. 

How Can You Lose Money in Crypto?

Now there are ways you can lose money. The bots themselves can’t trade properly but there are ways you can lose money. if the cryptocurrency in the bot drops and crashes and you decide to close the bot and sell that cryptocurrency. So I’ll talk a little bit about those things that you should be aware of. For the most part even as I started doing the plan in my mind I was still like this is too good to be true. Because it worked exactly as they described and so the first thing I’ll share just about the plan is that this method of crypto bots is incredibly powerful and it’s very attractive.

I started with twelve thousand dollars and I slowly built more bots and invested more money. The only reason is that this was working so well. I was making such great money from it, much greater than my other investments, which is the reason why I decided to put more money into it. I would continue doing this if it didn’t work, if I was losing money, I wouldn’t be investing my money into it.

The fact that I’m doing this and if you’re on the webinar with Dan you see all the other people that are doing it. He shares their bits gap accounts and their bots and everything. If it was not good, if it was not effective, if it was not a great way to make money obviously, myself and all these other people would not be doing it.

It’s a very unique opportunity I think because cryptocurrency is still relatively new. It’s not regulated. It’s not like the stock market where it’s regulated. It’s open from this time to this time and it closes. you’re trading publicly, you know listed companies are trading these currencies, these coins and tokens.

Cryptocurrency is just a different landscape where, there’s strategies available in crypto. they’re just not available in any other way and so because crypto’s new. It’s mind-blowing how effective the strategy can be. I think one thing that’s also challenging is that there are a lot of crypto scams out there.

There are risks with cryptocurrency though I’m going to mention and disclose what those are? For the most part compared to anything else that I’ve seen it’s incredibly effective. You know I’ve got two bots now that I’ve been running for about seven months. That has made a hundred over a hundred percent return so, I cannot lose money on those two bots. I have had bots that have gotten one percent return a day and I’ve got some bots that also don’t perform, as well.

So overall there are some negatives, we’ll get to that but for me the upside of it I think is amazing. Now I think let’s talk about some of the positives of The Plan by Dan Hollings Course.

Pros of ‘The Plan’ Course by Dan Hollings

I think the strategy is amazing. Dan is a great teacher. I really enjoy learning from dan. especially if you’re new to crypto.  I’ve already experienced crypto. I’ve been investing in it since 2017 but more than just buying and holding it, I didn’t know much else that you could do with crypto. So Dan was a really good teacher for me because he was someone that I felt I could trust. He honestly explains everything. There’s not anything that he’s sharing that’s dishonest. at least from my perception.

And what I find is maybe some things could be emphasized more like some of the risks. I think it could be emphasized a bit more in the plan and things of that nature.  If you’re brand new to crypto or even if you’re more intermediate, I think this is great and Dan is a great teacher to learn from. He teaches not just about crypto bots, that’s kind of a misconception he has. He teaches crypto bots and he has his own way of doing it Which is more of a passive way. There are many ways that you can do crypto bots and you might even determine.

You want to do this on your own which is awesome, more power to you. For me, I decided to just learn from someone that has the experience. I don’t want to look at it when I’m investing in a course. Really what I’m buying is a shortened learning curve because I have no doubt that I can learn and figure out anything on my own but it’s just more of a matter of how long is that going to take me. If it’s going to take me a year, two, three years to be able to figure it out. what I could just get in this course and just learn from the start by investing my money. I’d much rather do that than go through my trial and error, make my mistakes, lose money, get lost, get confused, and maybe even give up as many people do. 

So I think there are ways you can learn this without Dan and without his program and without his method. There’s many other ways you could do it and maybe some of the other ways that are out. They are even better than what Dan teaches. I don’t know but I found that Dan was a great teacher. I trusted what he had to share and I thought he was just a good person to learn from. All these things in this crypto world that were coming about relatively fast can also seem overwhelming and intimidating. To have someone that is just laying it out explaining it making it practical with step-by-step actions and steps that you can take for me I found that incredibly valuable.

So Dan is a great teacher. I like his teaching style. He’s very thorough, especially for beginners. if you’ve never there are a lot of people that do the plan that has never invested in crypto. they don’t even know anything about exchanges or anything like that. so dan and his team are really good at just breaking everything down in a very beginner-friendly way. He also teaches how to allocate your money because he has a certain strategy for the plan where you have a certain percentage into bots. 

What does Dan Hollings do with his Bot Profits to have a reserve and some long-term huddling strategies?

Dan teaches an overall philosophy and strategy for effectively doing this and is generally safe. I think one thing I do want to mention is there are many ways you could do this but some of the ways might be riskier. 

You know Dan is more conservative because he’s teaching to a large group of people and he wants to teach this responsibly. so he does want to make sure that you don’t lose your money that’s one of his biggest

priorities. He has certain things that he teaches with that in mind so for example, when he teaches you how to get into crypto? He’s telling you all the ways you can lose money and one of the biggest ways is your crypto getting stolen by hackers. 

He’s teaching you about security, how to use two-factor authentication, and how to use encrypted email? how to do all these things to make sure you protect yourself first and foremost and then he teaches you crypto bots.

Dan Hollings teaches you how to do it safely at the beginning. So he’s teaching you how to use demo mode. You know, basically using imaginary money that bits gap gives you and using that to play around with before you invest your own money. Some people just run demo mode for a week, or two weeks, other people maybe even a few months. 

There’s many people that do The Plan by Dan Hollings training that don’t have the money to set up a bot. So they just run demo mode while they wait to get the money to set up a bot but that’s giving them a lot of experience with bots. That can help them feel more comfortable and confident when it does come time to invest their own real money. 

How to do a Huddle Bot?

So Dan teaches you how to do a huddle bot, which is the safest kind of bot that you can use with bitcoin and Ethereum. That would be one of the first spots you want to set up. That’s the least risky of all the bots that you can do. 

So Dan is trying to bring a safe and effective way and he has some strategies and things you can do that are more high risk but also higher reward. So I think I’ve appreciated that because for me, when you’re investing thousands of dollars into any investment. like, a bot or stock that’s a significant amount of money and you want to make sure it’s a good investment you’re aware of all the good and the bad. 

So for me, I never felt confident and comfortable doing that just by watching random people on youtube because most of the information on youtube is going to be very incomplete. It’s going to be you got to piece it together. It’s more content created for youtube rather than created for education.  because it’s not exciting or sexy or won’t get many views or clicks or anything like that. 

You know, having invested in many courses I just kind of knew that and I’d much rather just learn this from someone who’s got the experience and I’d much rather save the time and frustration.

How long is the Course by Dan Hollings on Crypto Bots?

So other things I’ll share with you guys, is there are a lot of resources in The Plan. The Plan is taught in live sessions by Dan and there are six sessions that are around up to three hours long. You can make it live if you want but you don’t have to; you can watch the recordings. I never watched any of their lives, I only watched the recordings that Dan did.

There are also a lot of additional resources inside the course. So what I’ll say is when you learn the plan from Dan, you’re learning the six sessions, and then usually after the sixth session, is when you’re going to start maybe investing your real money into bots. There are a lot of additional resources that go into different crypto exchanges. 

Some of the logistical and technical aspects of doing The Plan that are there, for you guys in the members area. So I thought that was great and then also they’re very active in adding more to the community. For example, when I got into the plan, I was getting into it when crypto was high. When bitcoin was near all-time high levels, I also experienced my bots crypto crashing and during that time remember in my Facebook group you know people were a little bit worried. because, if crypto’s crashing that will affect your bots, your bots can go out of range and they stop making trades.

One thing I appreciated that was Dan had decided to do some additional training. He did additional live sessions sharing with us the landscape of crypto. What we should be doing is, how we should look at things. He provides some additional strategies that can support us long long-term. That was impressive for me because it tells us that he’s not just here to sell you something in the short term but he’s committed to your long-term success and your long-term journey.

So, there’s always new trainings. in fact one thing that Dan and his team just did is, they just created a new course on leverage bots. Which I haven’t even gone through yet but it’s a new course that teaches a more high-risk, high-reward strategy of using bots. but he gave it away for free to all the people that joined The Plan.

That was really nice of him to do that. Many course creators don’t have to do that and they could have charged money for that but Dan decided he wants to give more value to people.

I think another great benefit is that his strategy is very passive, which I like. So one common thing that Dan says and you’ll probably know it on the webinar is ‘to do nothing’.  that doesn’t mean do nothing forever. There are some times where you do something like, when you got to set up your bot. so that takes five to ten minutes, very easy to do, to learn.

What does it take and what to do with Crypto bots?

The Plan by Dan Hollings course is a good 10 hours to 12 hours. So you know he teaches you a lot of stuff before you set up your bot, which only takes 5 or 10 minutes,s and then once you set up your bot you do nothing. That means you just let your bot run, you let it do the trades and you just let it do its thing. but there are times where you probably will need to do something and those cases are when your bot maybe is not performing well anymore. And you could take that money and put it into a better performing bot because sometimes you run a bot and it can do well at the beginning and then maybe it kind of doesn’t do as well, after a month or three months or six months.

There are also cases where your bots’ crypto could crash and your bots go out of range. Now you have bots that are not making you money and it looks like a negative in your account. if you were to close your bots and sell them you would lose money from that but there are some strategies. You can usually wait and you do nothing. because usually when bots crypto goes down and maybe it even crashes it can go back up the next day or the next week. So most often than not you just do nothing and that’s why Dan emphasizes that a lot. but maybe after a few weeks, you know you want to do something. you want to regrid the bot or you want to use trailing down or you want to do something to close the bot or whatever it is.

So, there are times when you will do something but it’s largely designed in a way where you don’t need to do that. 

If you’re looking for a day trading, swing trading type of thing maybe the plan is not for you. Maybe there’s something else. A  lot of these people started with The Plan, they learned it but then they found other people that are teaching more advanced stuff. that maybe is more day-to-day that they wanted to pursue, so absolutely, you could do that as well. 

Customer Support of The Plan Dan Hollings

The Plan of Dan Hollings Training

Another Positive thing is that the support is amazing. They really do mention that on the webinar. They’ve got world-class support. I think some of the best customer support that i’ve seen is because their customer support is not just customer support like traditional customer support it will help you with your billing, technical issues or your membership or things like that.

The support provided by the team of The Plan of Dan Hollings is made up of coaches and people that are doing The Plan. If you have any question about anything they’ll try to help you. So they’re willing to provide ongoing coaching and support when you reach out to them. if there’s an issue with your bots, they’ll investigate with you and you can send them screenshots of things and they’ll help explain things to you.

They have different tiers of support, so, if the first tier doesn’t know how to help you, it goes to the next tier. if they can not help you it goes to the next, if they can’t finally it goes to dan and his partner. So the fact that they help everybody and do provide some amazing value. 

So these are the pros of ‘The Plan’ by Dan Hollings Training. Now let’s talk about some of its negative points.

The Cons: Negatives of The Plan of Dan Hollings

I think one of the negative points of Dan Hollings course is its price. it can be expensive for some you know it’s right now i think it’s $3500.

When I joined The Plan it was in beta, it was $2500 and so, I know they raised the price to thirty-five hundred. the time you’re reading this review of ‘The Plan’ of Dan’s it’s at a different price but you know without a doubt $3500 bucks is a lot of money. On top of that, you need about $3000 to actually do the plan, to set up a bot. 

How much do you need to invest in The Plan ?

So that’s about $6500 that you need to invest to do this. The thirty five hundred dollar investment gave me the blueprints and the foundation to be able to make that kind of money. 

I’m looking at the long-term potential of this, maybe even the lifetime potential of what I learned in that investment. so the investment itself has more than paid for itself. i think if you don’t have as much money to invest in bots then obviously it can take you longer to be able to recoup that money, the $3500 and everything, so there are some cases where understand if money is tight and limited.

Everyone’s in a different financial circumstance but I’d say for the majority $3500 is a lot of money. especially if you don’t have

that much to invest. But again, for me the way I’ve always looked at it’s long-term return that I’ll get from Dan’s Training. 

So that’s the way that I’ve kind of looked at these things and is the way that I perceive it.

Another negative I’d say and this is not really a knock against The Plan, it’s that crypto is volatile. This is not The Plan Is Faulty in fact The Plan works because crypto is volatile. it goes up and down, up and down, up and down so dramatically that you can have your bots do these trades. You make your money but crypto is much more volatile. So many people may even expect or are comfortable with it and for that reason alone the plan is not for everybody.

If you’re the kind of person that you set up a bot and because this is what can happen you can set up a bot, you put three thousand dollars into it. It’s doing the trades. You look at it every day, look how awesome I made ten dollars today, twenty dollars today, thirty dollars today but you know a weekend crypto could crash. who knows and especially right now there’s been a lot of uncertainty in the world. the war in ukraine inflation pandemic you know all these different things.

So crypto crashes and now your bot is out of range because you set up a bot in a certain range of grid lines. Now it’s out of range. Now you’re in a difficult position where it’s like my bots not making any trades. So I have to now wait until crypto goes back up. and that might be waiting a few weeks, maybe a few months. you might be looking at your bits cap and you see some red and you can be discouraged by that.

I’ve seen some people that are unhappy in my facebook group not because it’s Dan’s fault or anything. It’s just because they’re not experienced as an investor, they maybe don’t have the emotional temperament for crypto. Because i think by going into crypto you’ve got to know the risks of it, that you know you can lose money of course with crypto. it’s a new asset class, it is volatile. there’s things like that you got to be prepared for so there are some cases though where might close your bot and take a loss.

I Will say you don’t lose unless you close the bot and sell it. So if you just keep the bot and you just leave it maybe six months from now it goes back up and you’re back in business. You know you’re back and to be fair the same thing can happen in any other investment right, the real estate market, the stock market. 

You might start with one bot but setting up multiple bots is key and having other investments as well. Crypto’s a bit of a different animal because it’s more volatile than the stock market. you know the coin there’s also a risk that whatever crypto coin you’re investing in goes to nothing and just disappears that can also happen too. 

Now Dan does teach again some conservative ways of doing this or at least more conservative ways. So if you are more on that end there are things that you can help you might want to follow that Dan teaches. Which you have to kind of determine, how you are as an investor.

So I think that one negative just with this in general is that you have to be emotionally stable. You can’t react easily to me. I don’t really react because I’m doing this for the long term. I know that in the short term these things can very well happen. So I diversified my investment. I just have faith in the long term and even if you know the seven months with my bots I’ve had many months of bots being out of range. So if everything was in range during those seven months I would have made way more money but I know that that is a downside and a risk that comes with it. 

I’d say a few other negatives before we wrap this up guys, are there some things that Dan doesn’t teach? that i kind of already alluded to this that maybe other people do that. It’s just Dan has a different style. Again, he wants to do this more passive so that was one criticism that I heard from someone, is that there’s things that Dan doesn’t teach that this person does and he prefers that person great. you know there’s nothing wrong with that there’s different products for everybody.

I’d say one negative I’ve also observed and heard from people is that there’s a lot of marketing of The Plan of Dan Hollings Course. Jason Wilson and the people running The Plan, publish The Plan, and Dan  they’re marketers. so they’re internet marketers and they’re very good marketers. Now with that being said I’ve been on their webinar a few times and I’ve been through the plan and I don’t see anything that’s dishonest. 

I’ve actually gone through the webinar looking for any statements that they’re making that are not honest and I wasn’t able to find any. Although, this is maybe a general critique of marketing which I’m guilty of as well. Generally, when you’re selling something you’re going to try to present the best case scenarios, best possibilities, best success stories etc. You know you’re not going to highlight the negative reviews, no business does that. You know every business goes to the website they’re going to try to show you the positive parts of their product and service not and maybe not acknowledge some negative aspects of it. 

But one thing I do appreciate though that is very honest is that, on the webinar Dan is showing you every bitscap account of the people that he taught. So the fact that he’s still willing to show how bots look even in a negative way. When kryptocryptosed I thought it was admirable. I think that’s a positive thing that he’s willing to be that transparent with it.

You know with marketing it’s really subjective whether or not you like it or not everybody reacts differently to marketing, I’m pretty neutral when it comes to marketing. I understand

that they’re offering something, they’re presenting something, it’s selling something and you want to evaluate it by looking at pros and cons. you want to determine whether or not it’s all hype, which you know is a risk for sure there’s definitely. 

A lot of people out there that hype things and make claims and say things that are too good to be true but for them. which again you’re not going to know unless you do it. For me, my experience has been great. It’s been really positive with The Plan of Dan Hollings. They’ve delivered everything that they say and again I guess maybe the other negative with marketing is just not maybe emphasizing the risk as much for me. I’m being very conscious and aware just to bring to you the risks and what can happen and how you can lose money and things like that. 

I hope that I’m not doing it in a way that’s discouraging you, maybe it’s actually a good thing for you to be discouraged. because maybe that just means that hey this is not a good fit for you, so maybe it is good in that way.  

Another negative that i’ve observed and this is not really a critique of The Plan. Crypto exchanges can be confusing especially because there’s certain crypto exchanges that you need to use with bitsgap. That may or may not be allowed if you live in the united states or some countries. 

Although everyone that has joined the plan they’ve been able to do it. they’ve been able to find exchanges that allow them to do it with the exchanges that they share. but some exchanges might have less coins than other coins.  So that can be a potential downside for some.   

Sometimes there’s like a learning curve when you’re first learning about the exchanges and all that sort of stuff that could be a little bit overwhelming. That’s not The Plan’s fault in any way,maybe they could do something better there, maybe the other aspect. 

There is some softwares that Dan recommends for taxes. It helps people with taxes. But I have heard a few people have issues with it, maybe it wasn’t fully accurate or I’m not sure what it was but I did see a few complaints. I’m in a unique situation where I’m a permanent resident of Panama and they don’t charge any taxes for crypto here. So that’s something I don’t need to worry about. 

I don’t need to report my crypto income or anything like that. But if you live in a country where you have to pay taxes then that can be a frustrating aspect sometimes. Now there is softwares again but I’ve heard a few people have complaints about it. i’m not sure exactly what the issues were that they had with it but Yes, that is something that can be a bit of a frustrating point. 

Final Words About The Plan of Dan Hollings Review 2022

I guess the final thing that I’ll share is that, if you do want to do the plan as I mentioned, I am an affiliate and if you do want to sign up for the plan through me, fantastic happy to have you and I’ve actually provided bonuses.

I’ll share with you what some of those BONUSES are, because these are bonuses you can get for free. If you decide to join The Plan through me then the first bonus you will get is a facebook group with over a thousand people, no one else has this. it has a community so that’s a huge advantage, because people in the group they share, which bots are making the money and other updates. That’s how I find bots, i set up

bot, and space and if I have a great bot I share it in the group. So it’s an awesome community where people are sharing and helping one another with crypto. so that in and of itself is worth a lot.

If you’re interested in getting Bonuses from me, you have to join The Plan through my affiliate link.

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