Jasper AI Free Trial August 2022- Try for 5 Days with 10000 Words Credit

Jasper AI Free Trial 2022

Jasper AI free trial 2022
Jasper AI Free Trial

Jasper AI is one of the most popular AI writing software, it generates content for you by using Artificial Intelligence and latest GPT-3 technology. 

In this era you don't need to write content manually or hire some content writers. You can simply use an AI writing tool like Jasper AI to save your time and money.

I know you are looking for some AI writing tools. So, here Jasper AI comes into the picture. In this article I’m going to tell you, how to get Jasper AI free trial with 10000 words credit in 2022?

Jasper.ai (formerly Jarvis AI) is the most popular AI writing tool with 4.9/5 star rating and 50,000 plus active users.

With Jasper AI 5 Days Free Trial you will get a 10000 words bonus. You can  use it to generate any kind of content like blog posts,email swipes, YouTube video script through Jasper AI software.

Jasper.ai generates high quality content which is 100% original and plagiarism free. It also supports surfer SEO integration that helps you further optimize your article to rank on Google.

In short, it is a great tool for bloggers, youtubers, freelancers because it not only eliminates writer’s block but also creates high converting content.

So, without further ado let’s get started, how to activate the Jasper AI free trial.

Jasper.ai free trial 2022 with 10000 words credit.

How to activate the Jasper AI free trial in 2022 [guide to beginners]

If you really want to take advantage of Jasper AI 5 days free trial Plus 10000 words credit, then follow the article for next 5 minutes. Here I’m guiding you step-by-step to claim your Jasper AI free trial.

Step 1:

Click on this Special link this will directly land you on Jasper.ai free trial landing page. where you can start your 5 days Jasper AI free trial and claim 10000 words. This page look likes-

Jasper AI 5 Days Free Trial in 2022

Step 2: Click on the Claim 10000 words free button ,it will automatically land you on Sign Up page.

Step 3: Here, you will need to create an account. you can easily create an account using your Google account or any valid email address.

Create account with Jasper AI

Step 4: Now, fill your company Name and Domain Name and then Click on the continue button.

Jasper Free Trial

Step 5: Now, it will take you to this page, where you have to choose for what purpose you use Jasper AI. If you are a Blogger then choose Blog Posts and Website Content then click on the next button.

How do you use Jasper AI

Step 6: Now, tick on the box I’m not Robot, then click on the get started button.

Last step Jasper AI free trial

Step 7: Now, you will land on Jasper AI plans page. Here you need to choose a plan for you from the starter and Boss mod plan, to start your 5 days free trial. I recommend you choose the Boss mode plan and then click the start free trial button.

Jasper AI plans

Step 8: So, finally provide your payment details and click on the start trial button.

Jasper payment details

Note: You don’t need to worry about your payment details provided you, it will not charge a single penny from you until your free trial expires.

If you are not satisfied with this tool you can cancel your free trial anytime. For that go to account settings and click on the cancel account button, before the free trial ends. After you cancel your account you will not be charged

Congratulations, your Jasper.ai free trial has started.

Now, it’s time to create a Blog Post using the Jasper AI tool. So, the first question comes to your mind that, how to use Jasper AI to write any content, right ?

So, follow the step given below to write high quality content.

  • Login to Jasper account
  • Go to document
  • Give some brief description about what you want to write
  • Jasper I will writing best content for you in a minute or two

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15 Reasons: Why should you use Jasper.ai (formerly Jarvis.ai) [2022]

1 Easy to Use Interface

Jasper AI gives a very clean and clear interface to its users. It’s very easy to use for beginners and experts. See how Jasper AI interface looks like.

Jasper AI easy to use interface

2. 25+ Supported languages

With the help of Jasper AI tool you can write and translate content in 25 + languages. So, there is no language barrier.

list of languages that Jasper support in 2022.


3 Saves Tremendous Time

Writing a blog post that it is 100% original hand SEO optimised it takes a lot of research and time but just per make it is easy for you and shows your time.

4 Write Original and SEO Optimized Content

Jasper AI writes 100% original and plagiarism free content. It also supports surfer SEO integration to optimize your content to rank on google.

5 End Writer’s Block

You don’t need to struggle with coming up with new ideas to write content, when Jasper.ai is with you. Jasper AI assists you creative block blog post ideas to write a post.

6 Allow to Write Long Form Content

With Jasper Boss Mode Plan you grant access to long form content templates . With the help of this tool you can write long articles.

7 Plagiarism Checker

Jasper AI offers a plagiarism checker to ensure your content is plagiarism free and original.

8 Blogging Templates

If you are a blogger then Jasper AI offers many templates for you,that can help you write longer Blog Post faster.

Here are some templates for Blogger

  • Blog post topic ideas
  • Blog post outline
  • Blog post intro paragraph
  • Blog post conclusion paragraph
  • Long form assistant
  • Explain it two child

9 SEO Related Templates

You will also get access to some SEO related templates that are integrated with the surfer SEO tool. So, here is the list of some SEO related templates.

  • SEO services page title and meta description
  • SEO product page title and meta description
  • SEO homepage title and meta description
  • SEO blog post page title and meta description

10 YouTube Related Templates

If you are a youtuber then Jasper AI provides some youtubers related templates, So, here is list:

  • YouTube video topic ideas
  • Video script outline
  • Video titles
  • Video script hook and introduction
  • YouTube video description

11 Social Media Related Templates

Jasper also gives you access to some social media tools. It helps you to generate social media posts, catchy captions for your social media handles (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter). 

So, here is the list of social media templates offered by Jasper.ai

  • Creative story
  • Pinterest pin and title description
  • Photo post captions
  • Personal bio
  • Engaging questions
  • Company bio
  • Poll questions and MCQ (multiple choice question)

12 Email Marketing Tools

With Jasper AI you can write high converting email subject lines, by using the email subject line template.

13 Ads Related Templates

Jasper AI offers some ads related to amazing templates, you can use it to improve your ads copy.

Following are some add related templates.

  • Google ads and headline
  • Google ads description
  • Facebook ad headline
  • Facebook ads primary text.

14 Marketing Related Templates

Jasper comes with some amazing marketing templates, you can use it to generate Amazon product descriptions and many more.

So take a look at marketing related templates:

  • Ridiculous marketing idea
  • Amazon product features
  • Amazon product description
  • Google my business, what’s next post
  • Google my business, product description
  • Product description
  • AIDA Framework (attention- interest- desire- action)
  • PAS Framework (problem exited solution)
  • Marketing angles
  • Feature to benefit
  • Real estate listing
  • Business or product name

15 Content Improver

Last but not least, content improver. with the help of it you can write your existing piece of content again to make it creative, interesting and more engaging.

So, what are you still waiting for? get started with Jasper AI.

Jasper AI plans pricing 2022: Which plan is most fit for you?

Jasper offers two plans for us. One is the Starter Plan and another is Boss Mode Plan.

Starter Plan:

This plan fits those who want to generate short content, like heading, product description, etc. It Starts from just $29/mo.

Boss Mode Plan:

This plan best fits those who want to write long articles. Like long blog posts, detailed product reviews, etc. This plan is most popular and starts just at $59/mo.

Comparison between Starter Plan and Boss Mode Plan.

Key FeaturesStarter PlanBoss Mode Plan
Monthly Plan$29/mo$59/mo
Yearly Plan$24/mo$49/mo
Words credit per month20k50k
Bonus words pack$10 for 5k words$40 for 30k words
User Login IDsUnlimitedUnlimited
50+ templatesYesYes
25+ languagesYesYes
Jasper.ai commandNOYes
Plagiarism checkerNOYes
Auto saveYesYes
Contact/SupportEmail at hey@jasper.aiPriority chat support 
Jasper AI certifiedNOYes
Bootcamp trainingYesYes
Search contentYesYes

How to Cancel Jasper Free Trial [2022]

If you are not satisfied with the service provided by Jasper AI then you can cancel your account before the free trial ends. For that, go to the account setting and click on cancel account button.

After that your account will be deleted and your card will not be charged a single penny.

So, what are you waiting for ? Get started with Jasper AI 5 days free.


What is Jasper.ai?

The Jasper AI is a content writing tool that generates automatically content for you by using advanced Artificial Intelligence and latest GPT-3 technology. 

Is Jasper.ai and Jarvis.aI is same?


Is Jasper AI the best writing tool?

Yes, it is the best writing tool. it’s one of the leading writing tools. It has 50000 plus active users and 4.9 star rating.

Does Jasper offer a free trial?

Yes, Jasper offers a 5 days free trial with 10000 words credit.

How to cancel the 5 days free trial of Jasper AI?

If you don’t find this tool helpful then you can cancel your free trial within 5 days. for that, go to the account setting then click on Jasper AI then cancel my account. after that your account is deleted and you will not be charged after that.

Does Jasper AI generates original content?

Yes, Jasper AI generates 100% original and plagiarism free content.

Can Jasper AI write descriptions for Amazon products?

Yes, Jasper provides a ‘product description’ template. you can use it to write descriptions of Amazon products.

How many words count you will get with Jasper AI free trial?

With Jasper AI 5 days free trial you will get 10,000 words credit.

Which is Best AI writing tool in 2022?

1 Jasper AI
2 Ink editor
3 Grammarly
4 Word Tune
5 Sapling

What’s the Jasper AI refund policy?

Jasper.ai gives a 5 days money back guarantee. if you not happy with Jasper AI and want a refund then first you have to cancel your account and then email hey@jasper.ai

What are the available payment methods in Jasper.AI?

Jasper AI supports all major credit cards and debit cards to accept payment.

Does Jasper read or write in other languages?

Yes, Jasper supports 26 languages.

Is Jasper.ai a mobile or desktop Friendly?

Jasper AI is an online software. So,it supports both mobile and desktop. You can use Jasper AI to create content on mobile phones and tablets.

Is there any lifetime deal available on Jasper AI?

No,Jasper has monthly and yearly plans as of now.

Who is jasper.ai for?

Jasper AI best suits for an entrepreneurs, marketers and agencies who want to overcome the stress on creating content and save tremendous time.

Final thought on Jasper AI free trial 2022

So, we are coming to the end of our Jasper.ai free trial tutorial.

Jasper AI is a great tool for an entrepreneur, marketer and agencies who are looking to produce high quality original content to grow their audience and conversion fast.

So, what are you waiting for? Have you claimed your free trial? I hope that you will enjoy using the Jasper AI tool. If you have any query then let me know in the comment box below.

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