The Plan By Dan Hollings Review (The Good and Bad)- October 2022

Hi everyone my name is Nilesh and In today’s post, I would like to review ‘The Plan’ by Dan Hollings. I am a student of the plan and so I do have personal experience going through the entire course and so I want to share that experience with you.

‘The Plan’ is a course by Dan Hollings that teaches you how to make money with cryptocurrency using these crypto bots that will trade for you. So as I said I’m a student. I have been doing this now for the last seven months. I have been actively setting up bots and doing this whole thing live.

I’ve been making money from it. I’ve also lost a bit of money from it. So if you want to see my portfolio and the transparency of all that, I have another post on this topic which I’ll link at the bottom for you. but this post today is just about reviewing ‘the plan’ by Dan Hollings. 

The Plan By Dan Hollings review | The Plan Dan Hollings

You may be considering taking the course and my intention with this review of ‘The Plan’ by Dan Hollings is to give you an honest review based on my own experience. These are my own opinions so take it for what it’s worth. but it may help you decide whether or not it is the right fit for you because like everything not everything is going to be the right fit for everyone it depends on you. and so I might be able to share some insight.

Before the starting review of ‘The Plan’ of Dan Hollings here is full disclosure. I am an affiliate for the plan, so that means that if you decide to purchase the plan I do earn a commission if you use my link. you don’t have to use my link no worry. You know 99% of the people who are making these kinds of posts on their blog are affiliates. they’re just not disclosing that to you upfront or if they do they’ll hide it in the footer of the site where you have to find it.

So I just want to be straight up with you guys and let you guys know yes I’m an affiliate for the plan. and I do promise that I will not let that affiliation skew on my honest review of’The Plan’by Dan Hollings because I want to make this an honest review.

There are pros and there are cons and I’ve tried to think hard about what those pros and cons are so that I can be of value to you guys with this review of’The Plan’. At the end of the day, I feel that I have more to lose by being inauthentic with my readers, and my visitors. then I do have to gain with you know an affiliate commission so the way that I have created success as an affiliate is by being honest and transparent. so I hope to continue doing that without further ado let’s get into it.

Do you need a course to learn how to set up Crypto Bots?

The question is, do you need a course to learn how to set up crypto bots and do this whole crypto bot trading? Now the answer to that question I think depends on what is your experience level and your personality.

If you’re someone who has been investing in crypto. If you have experience and you are a very resourceful person where you can pull information, understand it, learn it and apply it. then I don’t think you need a course. So I think that if you’re in that category where you know you’re not new to crypto, you’ve been holding crypto or maybe you’ve been investing in crypto through other methods. then a course may be a bit redundant for you.

You may be above that level and also if you’re someone who’s really resourceful there’s a lot of information that you can find maybe for free online that can be enough for you to get started and follow this method.

Now if you’ve never invested in cryptocurrency, you’ve never set up crypto bots before. then I would encourage you to consider a course and maybe that’s why you’re reading this review of ‘The Plan’. because it can be complex I mean just figuring out the security of crypto. you know when you first get into this world of crypto, you know how much fraud there’s a lot of scams and you just have to have high security. So figuring out how to do all of that, how to set up exchanges, and just learning how to buy crypto even can sometimes be a little bit complex. 

So, even these basic things can be complex for complete beginners. so if you’re someone like I was who wasn’t a complete beginner to crypto then you would probably really value a course. A course that can take you step by step and also if you have that personality like some people have the personality. where they enjoy

taking a program course because it takes you step by step. It’s like having a mentor who can guide you and hold your hand and tell you okay now this is what you do next and this is what you do next and next. Some people really appreciate that because without that step-by-step guidance they probably wouldn’t have the confidence to make those moves themselves. so if you have that personality you’d probably really value and benefit from a course.

But there are some people who are super independent, super resourceful who don’t need that step by step. who can hear like read one thing there and piece it together themselves and they feel pretty confident to make those moves themselves. so I think that you know you have to consider those things. for me I have always benefited from investing in my education from the beginning.

I invested in courses to build a business. I invested in a course many years ago to build an amazon business and yes it was expensive of course but the man did I make my money back.  I’m so appreciative that I took the course because it allowed me to learn the process the right way from the beginning from people who knew what they were doing and who had a proven process. And it allowed me to create success and I don’t think the course is going to make you successful. I don’t think there is any course that will make you successful. That’s on you because ultimately you can go through a course and not apply anything but I do.

Think that the courses help, so Considering those things let’s now move on to the pros and then we’re gonna go to the cons.

Pros of ‘The Plan’ by Dan Hollings

So pro number one is I think that the ‘The Plan’ is far more than a course that’s just gonna teach you how to set up bot automations. if that’s why you’re buying the course you may find things online like well you know. I can learn all of this stuff for free. It’s so easy to set up bot automations and I would say that you know you have to understand this course is very Wholesome, it’s very complete. 

Dan talks a lot about mindset so again, if you’re a beginner like I think this is great if you’ve never invested money before you need to understand the mindset of an investor. it’s key because it’s a very psychological experience being an investor I mean the markets are very volatile and one day things are up and the next things can be down. I mean right now my stock portfolio is down ninety-eight thousand dollars. I just was investing some because there was a two percent drop today so you know it’s down ninety-eight thousand dollars but I don’t really care like that’s okay, it’s up some days. It’s down some days and right now everything’s going down and so you have to understand the mindset and the psychology behind investing and Dan does go into that so I think that’s an important foundation.

Dan also talks about the allocation of funds. He talks about how much he should have this and this. He also talks about preparing for crashes and dips and there’s so much more that goes into it and he gives you like this crypto education.

So another pro is that it’s really suitable for beginners. I mean first of all, when you become a member the online login portal is really easy to follow. It’s just simple and basic. So if you’re someone who maybe has never taken an online course before it’s great. I love that you can just have access to it whenever you want. So if you have some extra time you can just watch the video training you can replay it. You know it’s better than when things are only done live because you get access to it and you can watch it as much as you want.

It’s super beginner-friendly because he takes you from the beginning. Again it’s not just about how to set up these bots, it’s like okay you’re investing crypto for the first time. First things first, let’s set up your security. 

What does that mean to set up security in Crypto? 

Well, you need to make sure that you have a password management system. you need to make sure that you have two-factor authentication. you need to make sure that you have an encrypted email. So, he goes into all of these things and then you feel a lot more comfortable to start investing in crypto. Once you know you’ve got the security covered and then step number two is about okay, How do we onboard our money? How do we set up exchanges? What kind of exchanges should we set up? How do we transfer money into these exchanges and then how do we transfer them into crypto? and how do we connect our exchanges to bitscap and all of these like technical things? that a lot of people would get lost with,  if they didn’t have that guidance. so I like that, I appreciate that as a complete beginner. 

I found it extremely helpful. They also have like every video comes with a transcript and I found that really helpful and oftentimes there’s an accompanying pdf. For example, when I was trying to connect my exchanges you know you have to give bitscaps certain permissions and I was like oh my god! What kind of permissions? Do I give? I don’t want to give them too many permissions,  I don’t want to give them too little so it doesn’t connect properly.

They’ve got you to know guides on exactly what permissions to give. Because, I googled this before I knew they had a guide and I couldn’t find the right information. so it’s just really helpful as a complete beginner. I also think that they have world-class customer support, so once you become a member and you’re

On their team, if you will, they do serve you. They have some of the best customer support I’ve seen for a course and I’ve enrolled in a lot of courses. so they have their office hours, you can email them about anything. they ask you to send screenshots and videos of whatever questions you have to ask. 

They also have these ask me anything sessions where they’ll have their team. You know I think it’s once a week or however, I don’t know how often it is, where they will show up and you can hop on live and you can ask questions and get help. so it’s really really great support and I think that’s helpful when you are a beginner. because sometimes you can feel lost and you might not feel like you get that support anywhere else.

I also think that Dan is a fantastic educator, so I think that at some point in his career he was a teacher and I think that he’s cultivated the skill of being a great educator. He is very articulate, he’s very clear and concise. He doesn’t waste any time with words that are unnecessary or going off the track. I really like his teaching style and I think that he’s very easy to understand so even if you are living abroad in a different country and English is not your first language I think that he’s quite easy to understand he does talk somewhat fast but you can also slow down his video if you’re watching it on replay. So I like the way he teaches. He makes everything super simplified and he has a lot of great analogies. 

How I Came across ‘The Plan’  of Dan Hollings course? 

let me just tell you briefly, How I Came across ‘The Plan’  by Dan Hollings crypto training? so first of all my brother got involved with this program. He was someone who shared it with him and he decided to start it. I said I’m not interested because I just felt like I had no idea. what you’re doing you can play around with your money but I’m going to hold on to my money because I’m very risk-averse and I wasn’t willing to do it. So then I watched him for about a month and I saw him making a lot of money with these crypto bots and this was like passive income because you just set up the bot and let the bot do its thing. So when I started to feel like FOMO and so that’s when I decided to get involved myself and so I did a bit of research on Dan Hollings crypto bots training and I saw how dan is quite conservative. He seems to use an approach and a strategy that is safe and effective. 

He recognizes that there are other strategies out there to make money with crypto bots, that may render you higher profits but, they also come with higher risks. So I really appreciate that he takes the approach of safe and effective and so the ways that he does that is like with the parameters that he gives you to set up for the bots. He also teaches you about huddle bots that you’re just like holding crypto in.

So for example, I have a hot bot set up for bitcoin and Ethereum and basically it’s just like a way to hold crypto, while at the same time making money with the bots. So I’ve made a bit of money. I don’t know maybe two thousand dollars on that bot. so it’s the most conservative bot out of all the bots that I set up. 

So the other ones are standard bots and this is a huddle bot. So the huddle bot’s the most conservative but it’s also still going to make you a little bit of money. So, it’s lower risk than all the other ones. I appreciate how he does factor that in and in his program he teaches about how you should allocate funds? like, you need to have

your emergency fund, you need to have a certain amount of your money in the hotel bots, a certain amount of money into standard bots and so he explains that. I think that’s important especially if you don’t have a ton of money to invest.

I also like that you can start making money right away, so I have been in the amazon space. I’ve done a lot of different online businesses actually and a lot of them require you to put a lot of time and energy and oftentimes money. upfront for a while before you see any kind of return and I thought this was so cool because with this you know you can set up a bot and within five minutes your bot is already wiggling and making bob profit. So I think that’s unlike anything that I’ve ever done or seen before and I really liked it and that’s why I started sharing it with my family and friends. Because, a lot of people wanted to set up crypto bots, start businesses but they don’t really necessarily have the time or even really want to start a business and do e-commerce. they just want to make money and I said well you know maybe this is a better option for you. consider it so I shared it with them and a lot of them did decide to start with these crypto bots.

Because it’s just a lot more passive and you can make money a lot faster. one last thing is that I also like that they have different training courses. So You can take ‘the plan’ from the original one and that’s like really all you need to set up these bots and make money with these bots. But, if you eventually want to learn, how other ways to invest and make money with crypto are? like there are so many different methods and they do have programs for those different methods. you can kind of grow with them if you want. Recently they just gave away a course to all of their members called ‘leverage bots’.  So this is one method that’s higher risk but higher returns and so this was a course that you would. otherwise you have to pay for it but they generously gave it to all of their members which kind of shows how much they care about their members. so those are all of the pros and now I want to move on to the cons with you.

The Cons of ‘The Plan’ Crypto Course by Dan Hollings 

Okay, the first con I would say is the price. Okay, right now the course is 3500 US dollars. That price may change, maybe more, maybe less, they can price it however much or little they want. But it is sometimes an obstacle for a lot of people because $3500 is not chump change and so it’s not the cheapest course out there, it’s also not the most expensive. So whether the price of the course is a pro or con to you is just such a subjective and individual opinion. So $3500 is the price of the course so I’m going to put that in the cons category because I know that for a lot of people that feels like a lot.

Number two is they don’t have Facebook groups, I love Facebook groups because I love the community support that you get through being part of a Facebook group and they don’t have one for members of their program. So I thought that to be a bit strange but now seeing how many members they have like they have so many members and they already offer amazing client support that I don’t see. I see why they don’t have a Facebook group, it’s just way too much to manage and so actually as an affiliate one of the bonuses that I offer for people who do decide to sign up for the plan through my affiliate link is being part of my Facebook group.

We have this Facebook group. and it’s such a fantastic group, I love it. It’s so active that people are constantly sharing what works for them and what doesn’t work for them, their opinions and we’re all so transparent. A lot of ideas that I get for the bot pairs come from that Facebook group people share. Hey this is a good wiggler and then you take that and you kind of do your research and I’ve found a lot of great ideas from the Facebook group. so that’s not something that’s included with the plan but if you do decide to sign up using my affiliate link then that would be a bonus that you would be entitled to and you would become a member of our Facebook group.

I would say it’s like a huge plus like it does help so that’s one thing another thing is that bitscap has their free tutorials on, how to set up bots using bitscap? Because you’re going to do all of this on bitscap, we’re using the bitscap platform and you can also watch a lot of free tutorials on youtube. 

There are a lot of YouTubers who are sharing how to set up bots and all that and so a lot of people feel like well, why am I going to buy a course? if I can just learn all this stuff for free. I would say that yes there’s information that you can learn for free but, it’s just like anything there’s so many different practices and strategies that can work. There’s no one way to make money with bots and you know it’s the same thing with like, you can learn how to invest in the stock market through youtube videos. If that’s the way you want to approach it, that can work but again, like I mentioned at the beginning of the post if you’re someone who won’t feel comfortable learning that way. From random people, you don’t really know their credibility and you would rather just learn from one person who is you know credible and has a lot of success and will take you step by step through the process then you’d value, you’d benefit from taking a course.

So yes, there’s some unique content in the program but I would say the biggest benefit is just how wholesome it is and how everything’s just packaged beautifully so that you can just take things one step at a time and make a lot of pros progress quickly rather than trying to find like the video here video there.

You know piecing things together yourself and so whether or not that method works for you depends on you again if you’re resourceful. If you have the experience you’ll probably feel confident to do that but for the vast majority of people who are just learning about this and who are just learning about cryptocurrency for the first time they like to have that kind of hand-holding step-by-step process. 

I will also mention that with Dan Hollings program ‘The Plan’ once you sign up you do have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. which says that you’re not going to share the parameters that Dan teaches you on how to set up these bots. so while you can learn how to set up bots you know other people’s strategies. Dan has spent a lot of time figuring out the parameters that he sets and so he doesn’t want people to share that with others unless you’re a member of his program so, I don’t share that stuff on my blog is another cons.

Dan talks a lot about do-nothing strategy is the best strategy?

That was enticing to me because I was like oh that’s great! I don’t have to do anything and for the  most part I don’t do anything. like I go weeks without touching my bots but the thing is that because there’s so much volatility the bots often will go out of range. So there’s that mental part again where it’s like, if it’s out of range and you do nothing you just have to be okay with it being out of range for a little while and wait for it to kind of bounce back because oftentimes it does bounce back. but there may be the if things, if everything’s going down you may decide that well if it’s out of range. I want to catch that drop and so I want to re-grid or I want to close these bots and then re-grid so that I can catch the dip.

I found that like you know when I started doing this it was from December of 2021 to April 2022. right now we’re just entering May, you know it’s been going down and it’s you know everything’s kind of been tanking and so we’ve been kind of going through this maybe crypto winter. If you will and so I have found myself regretting because I don’t just want to always do nothing. Sometimes I want to catch the dips and I want to make sure my bots continue to work and instead of just sitting there and being out of range, I would also say like you know you can lose money with crypto and it’s just like with any other investment. 

You know investing does come with risk, there’s no such thing as a no-risk investment and crypto is a riskier asset. The challenge is that when like the whole market’s going down like, the world market goes down people oftentimes will sell their riskier assets first and crypto would be considered a riskier asset. So while my stock portfolio is down you know two percent today, you know crypto will probably be down more than that.  So you know there is a little bit more risk with crypto. 

In general, this doesn’t have anything to do with the course. I’m just saying like with crypto you just have to understand that you know there it is a bit higher riskier asset than say for example stocks or real estate, bonds, etc. Although bonds are really bad right now, unfortunately, I have quite a bit of money in bonds so those would be the cons.

Final Words About The Plan by Dan Hollings review

So I hope that makes sense and personally for me I do feel like I benefited from taking the course. I feel a lot more educated on crypto bots and on cryptocurrency and all the posts that I’ve made on my cryptocurrency blog have come because of the education that I’ve gotten from this program. So again it’s more than just setting up automations, it’s educating you about the world of cryptocurrency and I found a lot of value in that. So whether or not it’s right for you I have no idea, I don’t know you, you can make that decision and hopefully this review of ‘The Plan’ Training Course by Dan Hollings helps you make that decision.

I will share with you that if you want to learn more about the plan, if you want to be notified when it becomes available because it’s only available a couple of times per year then you can visit the Official Website here or you can become a part of the email list.

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