Dan Hollings recently launched a new Crypto trading course for upcoming crypto investors and he gives the name for that course as ‘The Plan‘.

So in this article we will take a look at an in-depth review of ‘The Plan’. Created by Dan Hollings and his successful students, to help the people who want to generate passive income from crypto and want to achieve financial freedom.

Here is the Good News:

Dan Hollings is going to host a live webinar which is absolutely Free. After registering for the webinar, individuals will also get full access to a 29 page ebook called the Wiggle Factor.

Must attend Free Training by Dan Hollings Here, to learn how to set up bots in Crypto. to make hundreds of profitable trades every single day on Autopilot mode!

Dan Hollings Live training on crypto

In Wiggle Factor ebook Dan will discuss:

  • How does his initial $10,000 quickly get converted into over $100,000?
  • How did he become a millionaire by doing crypto trading?
  • How he ended up broke and embarrassed?
  • Why holding isn’t the only valid strategy according to ‘The Plan’.
  • Why is Crypto the future?
  • How are people earning 19.48% interest annually?
  • Is holding the only strategy?
  • Why does Dan Hollings love the volatility of Crypto?
  • And many more.

Who is ‘The Plan’ for?

The plan perfectly fits those who want to generate passive income from crypto and create a new reliable stream of income.

Those who are tired of getting zero returns from the banks on their savings.

Those who want to achieve financial freedom by doing crypto trading.

Those who want to learn how to set up bots and earn profits on a daily basis on complete autopilot mode!

What is ‘The Plan’?

‘The Plan’ is the Digital training program created by Dan Hollings, that teaches students how to set up ‘crypto bots’ that trades various Crypto currencies hundreds and thousands of times per day. In each trade they make a small profit around 20-80 cents. It seems too small but the trade happens 100 times a day. That’s why the overall profit of a day is good enough.

‘The Plan’ is a very specific training program that Dan Hollings created after spending almost $5M over 3 years and putting in a lot of hard work practicing and testing the various theories and formulas until he discovers the perfect sequence that has become The Plan.

Who is Dan Hollings?

Dan Hollings training program

Dan Hollings is the creator of ‘The Plan’. Dan has been in the field of tech for over a decade his accomplishments includes:

  • Dan was one of the first marketers to predict the web would go mobile and make a killing as a pioneer in mobile marketing.
  • He has trained over 30k students to sell successfully on Amazon.
  • Dan was the marketing mastermind behind ‘The secret’ (the movie and the book).
  • Dan was the one who came up with the original online marketing strategies.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is the Digital Money that we can use to buy and sell products and services. The cryptocurrencies are functionally same as the regular currency we use in day to day life but with a few differences:

  • Cryptocurrency are not regulated or controlled by any Central Government like the stock market.
  • Cryptocurrencies are run on the blockchain. All transactions made using the coin are recorded on the public ledger that is distributed on a global network of computers and it is secured by using high level cryptographic algorithms.

Nowadays many large and small companies across the whole world are adding cryptocurrencies to their holdings and also start to accept crypto as a payment method.

Cryptocurrency training by Dan Hollings | The Plan review

Among all cryptocurrencies Bitcoin is the very famous crypto coin. It is currently the 3rd largest currency in the world and it’s worth is over $700 Billion dollars.

Bitcoin first came into existence in 2009 and since then it has risen continuously in the upward direction.

Interesting facts about Crypto Trading?

Do you know that? On an average 80% of the time the market goes in the sideways trend that means it fluctuates between two points up and down.

Do you know that? 90% of people lose their money in the market due to the lack of knowledge and wrong strategies.

I am very thankful to Dan Hollings because, he find the solution for the two biggest problems of many peoples. that is Volatility of market and unpredictable prices. Because of these problems many people lose their money in the market. .

But now by using ‘The Plan’ you are able to turn it into your benefits and make money from it.

Facts about Cryptocurrency

  • Right now 100 + million people own cryptocurrency worldwide.
  • It’s a 2 trillion dollar industry.
  • Most of the top companies across the world are starting to accept crypto as a payment method.

Is Volatility Dangerous in the Market?

Well, it depends on which strategy you follow. If your investment strategy is to buy low and sell high then in that case the volatility may be dangerous for you. but, with ‘The Plan’ by Dan the volatility is good for you.

How does ‘The Plan’ Crypto trading Course work?

To use ‘The Plan’ as a stream of your passive income you need to follow the following steps. 

Step1: Register for a Free Webinar hosted by Dan Hollings on 3rd May 2022 (Tuesday) at 2 Pm PST.

In this webinar Dan tells you first how he got into Crypto?  How does he figure out crypto bots? and the results of students after students who are winning big with the plan. and also he tells about how he became a millionaire in Crypto and how you can also become a millionaire!

Step 2: Now pick the two coins to trade together in one bot. 

Then Dan teaches you how to set up bots(AI).  and then these bots automatically buy and sell the coins when a certain price reaches. Every time you make profits, those are instantly removed from trading bots and added to your balance. Well, this process happens 100s of times in a day and in this way you build up your passive income on autopilot mode.

Well, ‘The Plan’ is actually very easy, you just need to devote some little amount of time to learn and understand the Plan. and then it’s very easy to run it. initially it just takes 1- 2 hours to set up bots. After that if you want to do some modifications in it then it takes only 10 to 15 minutes for it per day.

Is ‘The Plan’ by Dan Hollings worth it?

Yes, absolutely it is worth the value. with the bots you can earn passive income from Crypto Trading and profits get added to your balance sheet.

If you are really interested in ‘The Plan’ then take a look at some of Dan’s very own results. This all happened on autopilot mode while Dan was doing nothing. 

The plan by Dan Hollings
The plan review by Dan Hollings

‘The Plan’ Traning Course Includes:

  • It includes 6 sessions training by Dan Hollings in the video format to make it easier to learn by watching live demonstrations.
  • They also give lifetime access to its members on their online portal.
  • You will also get access to extra resources to learn more about Crypto.

Interesting facts about ‘The Plan’ Traning Program

  • The complete training takes around 15 hours. You get access to it on your members portal, on your preferred time. You can also watch it multiple times at your convenience.
  • The setup of bots will take a couple of hours. You just need to put 15 to 20 minutes per day to modify settings of bots and maintain your bot automations.
  • You will get your exchange account in your name.
  • There is very little technical set up you required to do these.
  • Nobody is advising you how to invest. you yourself learn how to use proven systems on a software that will trade Crypto for you.

‘The Plan’ by Dan Hollings Pricing

Hey, before The Plan launched for the first time crypto learners/students are willing to pay Dan Hollings more than the $10000 for his private tutoring and 53 students pays him more than the $10000 for his mentorship.

But now Dan decides to keep the price of ‘The Plan’ low, as it now costs you only $3497 or 4 monthly installments of $997 instead of $10000.

Gate DISCOUNT on ‘The Plan

Here is the good news: basically you get the discount only when you pay for the program in full. If you opt for a monthly payment plan you don’t benefit from the actual $503 discount and will pay the full price for the training of ‘The Plan’ is $4000.

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